Hello, I'm Mo. Every week I gather together interesting thoughts and links, and share them in an email. It's called πŸ’₯BLAST! and it's an old-school thing, done for your fun and mine. There's no subscription fees and no salesperson will call.

So far, interesting things have included 🐟 the Attenborough Effect, πŸ“Ί TV ads from the Channel Islands, πŸ”₯ the wacky world of The KLF, 😧 what's going on with teenagers, πŸ‹οΈ‍♂️ weird fitness, πŸ›΄ why electric scooters are taking over, and 🌱 why houseplants aren't. Oh, and 🀯 the end of the world.

Yes it's a bugger's muddle 🀷🏻‍♂️. It also might just be the best thing that happens in your inbox this week. Unless you live for LinkedIn invites and privacy policy updates, of course. 😴

This is a sign-up form, except I've never liked that term. "Sign up" sounds something you do to an army. So how about... a join-in form? A bit hippy-dippy? Better though, right?
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